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For Sale

This is a Great working Photoscope 1c viewer made by the Exhibit Supply Co. It has a windup clockwork mechanism. Circa 1930's. Shipping extra. Contact 616 453 8044 (leave msg.)or

I have 6 love testers and 3 personality testers,they all work, I have 2 reconditioned internals for either,have all the placards,have a "Zord" double dispensing robot gumball machine that is free W/P

845-857-9694 See pictures $5,000 or best offer

Fully restored by Frank Hamwey years ago – beautiful. Has not been used in a while and needs a little adjusting (erratic selections). See pix here Asking $5,000 OBO

Need room and tuition money. Miami Digger with stand and paperwork $2000, Caile O Scope with original reel and Gorski winder $3000, Happy Jap n stand (no Mec)$8000. Super deal on all three.

I have several lbs. of parts cat., op. insts., schematics,etc. for Evans consoles, Bally Draw&Triple; Bell, Jennings Chal., Keeney, Columbia Slot, Mills Dice,Buckley, etc ALL ARE REPRINTS $ 75+UPS ship

Exact copy of little duke back door with hardware $150 plus shipping.

Great reproduction little Duke nickel plated handle and bolt $150 plus shipping

Keenly Steeplechase. Project overload and need space. Elevator needs work and Can be your project for $300. Would consider a trades. Additional pictures on request.

We have available for sale Attack From Mars, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Lord of the Rings, Metallica, and AC/DC . contact for more details and prices

King Six Jr. Trade Stimulator. Excellent cosmetic condition. Machine is in working order but does not spin as much as I think it should. Asking $550 best offer. Call 612-210-7266.

These 3 machines have been put into a new condition for sale. The Mills Poinsettia is a 1929 ($1,450), The Mills Castle Front is ($1,925), and the Mills Hi-Top is ($2,150). Call Fred 386-523-4991.

Highly desirable Vendo coin changer with the empty display window Dimensions 15(H) x 11-1/2(W) x 5(D) ALL ORIGINAL & working condition Pls email me for more photos and information ASKING $1100 OBO

All original Vendo coin changer with the empty display window This isa highly desirable coin changer Dimensions 15(H) x 11-1/2 (W() x 5(D) In working condition Asking $1100 Email me for photos

Asking $800 plus shipping or OBO |Dimensions are 26 (H) x 8(W) x 8 (D) The keys are not original has original paint A few rust spots (surface) on the lid as well In working condition Email me

Selling this restored Pace $ (Ike Dollar) slot machine. Restored ~10 years ago. Plays and pays. Located in Pasadena, CA. John 408/337-6390 $2,650

Good quality Slot Machines, Trade Stimulators and Arcade Games for sale at Ask for Rob...(585)-683-6612

I had this over 35 years now and has never been restored. All original parts, works great has always been more of show piece then used. Make me a FAIR and reasonable offer and its yours..+ pics avail.

1933? MILLS CASTLE FRONT Plays and pays as intended. Mills lock and key. Clean inside. No broken glass. Make me an offer. Pick up only from Homer Glen, Il.


I am in the Uk. Must be complete and working.Prefer restored but would consider project machine.

Hi...I’m looking to buy a handle that goes to the Daval Trade Stimulators. I need the handle that has grooves on it, that fits a Daval Reel 21. Original or recast is fine. Call Rob 585-683-6612

Hi,can somebody help me with the mills firefly elecroshock machine graphics? So i can restore this mean machine? And i also search for 2 locks for a challenger hot not machine. Thanks!

Looking for a Base for this pull the tigers tail. Or looking to buy a complete pull the tigers tail. I would be willing to purchase a reproduction as well. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale please let me know

does any one have the top only? thx dan

Looking for a front door key made by Fort Lock for my Mills nickel slot machine. The key has two numbers: L263 & L54G. The teeth are small unlike the L54G ones seen on Ebay. Thanks

I am looking for a top for a 1 cent oak machine specifically that reads ‘retarded children can be helped’ I dropped mine and damaged a corner and would like another one to replace it

I’m in need of a Zeno Back Door—for the Porcelain Case version. Original preferred, but Repro OK

I’m looking for a Single Column Pulver Mechanism. This is the early mechanism. Look at Silent Salesman Too, page 129, top row, second from left. Want a complete working mech with any Character

Misc. Mills QT parts! Castings, reels, mech parts , sm. screws & springs, coin head parts, jackpot parts, vendor parts, locks, etc. Must be original. Restoring more QT's these days. Thanks!

Hello fellow collectors, I am looking for parts for my machine. I need the complete 5 cent coin mechanism and a lock cylinder with key. Or information on where I can purchase them. Thank you

Looking for an experienced tech who has worked with Evan's 10 Strike Bowling machines. need to have mine repaired, cleaned and serviced.Travel to Mexico City required, will cover expenses

looking for any fortune teller project machine, also looking for a chicago band box project, thx 508 481 0925

Looking for parts to a Mills QT slot machine: Small back door and the coin acceptor plate with attachments that guide the coin through the chute. Please contact Rob at or 5856836612

Looking to buy a Jennings 50c light-up Sun Chief original or Hans machine. Jerry--352-422-2694

Always looking for saloon era wooden type trade stimulators, pedestal poker machines, "label under glass" back bar bottles and flasks, and pre prohibition gambling related items and photos. Buy/Trade.

Wanted to buy. Cadillac Junior decal.

Wanted Ameracoin Junk Yard crane game I think from the 70s. Contact Rodney Ross at 817 320 7628

Wanted-Watling Rol-a-Top 50c machine in original or restored condition. Jerry - 352-422-2694

Looking to buy a penny or nickel Acme or similar arcade electric shock machine. The red metal type with round handles. Prefer one in excellent working condition or refurbished.

This Mills strength tester I purchased has a broken cast-iron base. I am looking to purchase an original or a re-cast base for this machine. Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

Hello New to the site. Thank you for allowing the ad. Looking for parts and any documentation that might be available for a mid 1940’s Munro-Matlack coin op stamp vending machine. 216-407-6553. George

Wanted to buy. Wanted to buy Advance Keys for Hershey vendor, I don't want to drill out lock or bolts to find out key number.

Hi, I am looking for a QT back door, with or without lock. Can be reproduction or original.

I’m in need of a back door and lock bar for a short case Pulver. Prefer Original, but a repro will work for now. Please let me know if you can help

Hi All, I'm looking for an original Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox Back door with original Mural. Thanks for looking!!

Hi There, I am look for the bottom plate for the National Novelty Peanut vendor pictured on page 102 in Silent Salesman Too

Hi There, I am look for the bottom plate for the National Novelty Peanut vendor pictured on page 102 in Silent Salesman Too

Looking for the mechanics for a Mills Jumbo Parade. Thank you

Looking for a slot machine mechanic in the New York City/Westchester area? I have a Mills QT and Pace machine that need repair