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For Sale

1956 Tusko the Elephant Kiddie Ride, fully restored, beautiful condition, works well. $2500 USD plus shipping. Contact for photos, details.

The only known complete golf ball slot machine collection in the world.

Barn find, no handle $4,800 Wayne Alexander 419 475- 3764 Toledo OH

Selling gem restored Caille 5c Nude Front Victory Center Pull Slot machine. Complete with Defer pay system. Cab, mech, back door all stamped with Serial Number. Orig Reel strips. John 408-337-6390

Rare ten cent Mills Q.T. in mint condition. You won't see another one like this. Original and correct Q.T.locks, original cash box,correct mint side vendor. The reel strips are original NOS that I got a hold of years ago. The mech. has been completely disassembled and then flash nickel plated before reassembly. Wood cabinet completely refinished. Aluminum casting polished and painted to correct color. Handle, hub and award card frame chrome plated. Plays smooth and fast, just like when it was new. Any questions, call me 559 909-3319.

Koch Barber Pole Standup Model 910 over 100 years old. Pole has been repaired,was vandalized 35 years ago. Is in very good condition now. wind up motor was replaced with elec. Asking $3500.00

Teacher Pet Pinball Machine $800 + shipping Also selling Cross Town Pinball machine Teacher's Pet is a pinball machine from December 1965, manufactured by Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Great Department Store Register in excellent condition. Asking $550. and will deliver free to the July COCA National in Independence, Ohio. Call or text Larry at 740-502-2001

Everything works correct has the locks and keys and cash box. Asking $1400. + shipping, but will deliver free to COCA National in Ohio this July.

For sale an original 1907 Caille Apollo figure and arm, no cast iron damage & with much original paint & patina! Bolt onto a Papa repro & you'll have something. Found & located in Aust. $15,000 USD

Happy Jap on original stand. No mechanism sell or trade $10,000 or best offer.

8 bit music. In working Conditions. Please Ask Questions and open to offers.

Selling the Six Shooter game. Game turns on, however could use some sort of tune up. Please ask questions, open to offers.

Thinning out the collection; selling slots, trade stimulators, gumball, vending, etc.; anyone in area of SE Virginia, come and take away a batch of machines for reasonable prices. 757-589-8099.

Caille Brothers machine with a Wisc Novelty tag from FOND DU LAC, WIS. Reel spin smoothly. Has coin box but missing the small backdoor. $875 plus shipping

A nice original as found Hol-e-Smokes trade stimulator. Clean, complete and working machine with no problems. Gumball mechanism is complete and works perfectly. Replaced lock. $900+shipping

Seeburg 1978 Susan B Anthony slot machine with 350 tokens. Machine also has a $.25 mechanism for quarter play. Asking $700.00 but will listen to all reasonable offers.

Nice original Jennings 5 cent slot with mint vendor. Everything works correct has the locks and keys and cash box , price $2000.00 + shipping.

3 Mills QT's The green 5 Cent QT on the right. $1400. Blue QT on the left $1500. Both Qt's have original Paint. Middle QT 5 Cent Hash Mark Excellent original $1600. Call Brett 8129633180

Mills 10 Cent Extraordinary in the Original Club Case. Very good condition. $2800. Free Delivery to the November Chicago Show. More pictures upon request. Call - Brett - 8129633180.

Several coin op arcade games including: Galaga, Ms PacMan, Defender, True Grip Challenge, Vending Machines, Coca-Cola coin changer and many others. Text/Call 985-960-3256 for more info & pictures.


Need a wood base for a 1-cent small coin head Little Duke (front area needed so one with a damaged back is OK). Also need the award flap for a QT Smoker---cigarette pack style. Robert 6056951274

I'm looking for the background mural (paper) for a Rockola Sweepstakes Horse Race Trade Stimulator. Reproduction or original.

In need of service maunual for the 1980's "Robbie the Robot" Cotton Candy Vending Machine

looking for operators tools set for making adjustments on slot machines. As an example, attached a photo of a mills operator tool set. I live in London, UK but can provide US address for shipping.

Wanted original lock and key for my Bally Reliance dice machine. Please call or email with price. Thanks.

Hi All, I'm looking for a 10 Cent Coin Entry Plate for a Jennings Galaxy Slot Machine in the same style as the one in the picture. The plate should be 2 and 1/8" wide by 1 and 3/4" long. Thanks!!!

I need a "playing manual" for an EVANS RACES machine (preferably the version with Free Pay buttons, but I'll take a copy of any version). I DO NOT need a copy of the SERVICE MANUAL AND PARTS CATALOG.

Wanted: mills q.t chevron 5 cent pay slides/ handle with hub.

Looking for a Madame Zita Fortune machine. Repro is ok. Don Teach three one eight five one eight five eight zero five is my cell number.

We are new owners of a 1941 Wurlitzer jukebox, Model 780.  We saw it operate in the antique store where we bought it, but do not know how to operate it.  We are hesitant to start messing around with it for fear that we will do something to break it!  We need someone to come out and show us how to use this wonderful thing and are willing to pay for this service. 

Looking for a Pulver Gum machine to start a collection Please e mail or call Thanks Steve

Seeking a working Flip It (coin pusher) game (casino, not arcade version). Please send photo to Thank you.

I just bought a Gottlieb grip tester but after some extensive research I wanted to know if its authentic to be able to restore. The model is not the common one shown, missing the knob for jammed coins, it seems to be one from pre production. Im including some photos and compared to those I found. The insides are completely different then then the ones seen. If you can give me info on it or validate it is authentic to restore, what would be the price to restore it? More pictures available. If you have an info about this machine please contact me. Thanks David

looking for any fortune teller machine project ,,vg g cond ect project ,please advise thx 508 481 0925

Looking for back cover, lock and key and chewing gum tower to finish my first restoration. Thanks Shaun

Looking for a back door for Hance Fat Boy. Thx Jeff

I am looking for a back door for a Hilo Machine. Thanks Jeff

I am looking for a 1964 quarter slot machine made by Ace Mfg. Co. in Glen Burnie, Maryland. This company bought out Pace and renamed it Ace in the 60's. I live in Md. and need it for my collection.

I am a club member and am looking for a 1964 quarter machine made by Ace Mfg. Co. in Glen Burnie, Maryland. This company bought out Pace and renamed it Ace and eventually Space in the 60's.

I am looking for a 1948 Groetchen Columbia Eagle either 25 or 50 cent with jackpot Call Jim Perry @ 410-458-1578 or email me @

Wanted -info on the Harrahs "Experimental" model 4 reel 25 cent electromech. slot machine.I have one that needs work and I am trying to decide if I want to sell it. Does it have any history to the mod

WANTED: 1c or 5c coin acceptor made by Advance vending corp. I have one that is incomplete and would like to replace it with a full one. Thanks! John 408-337-6390

Looking for anyone who can assist with operation of my 1902 wood Zeno gum machine. Also looking for parts including manual, key/lock.

Universal slot machine needs repair. I am located in the metro Detroit area. Machine is flashing the number 12 indicates battery problem.

Mills Dewey with nickel trim but the pieces we are pointing to are copper. If you have good original nickel pieces I would be interested in working a deal. Buy or trade- Call Brett - 812 96 3180

Jennings Dutchess coin head back and Little Duke complete coin head both are one cent.

Looking for KEENEY TARGETTE shooting gallery or parts. Also any and all light beam shooting gallery games and parts. Gun stands, rifles, pistols, Bally, Exhibit, Universal, Western, Pamco, Others. THX