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For Sale

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Coin operated "Try It" , “Lucky 36” dice spinner machine made by Blue Bird Products Company of Kansas City, Missouri in the 1920-30's. Payoff is determined by the total of the dice faces per the payout card. 36 is the optimum total and pays $5. The machine is totally original and in excellent working condition. The paint has been restored and the decals are exact copies of the originals. $599

Coin operated "Try It" , “Lucky 36” dice spinner machine made by Blue Bird Products Company of Kansas City, Missouri in the 1920-30's. $499

Original Pok-O-Reel Trade Stimulator manufactured by Groetchen Tool & Mfg. Co around 1932.The award card is a reprint but it still has the the original Federal tax stamp. $685

Daval Free Play Trade Stimulator 1940’s This is a vintage 5-cent counter top trade stimulator from the 1940’s. In addition to the three slot machine type reels this machine also has a fourth reel with a pinball type “FREE PLAY” feature. If the player succeeds in getting a winning combination on the fruit reel strips, the fourth reel is engaged and the player will get one or more free tries at no extra cost. The cabinet on this machine is in excellent condition. The exterior has been repainted. The mechanics all work fine; insert a nickel, pull the handle and the reels spin. Get three of a kind to win and collect your prize from the storekeeper or bartender. A gumball can be dispensed for each nickel played. The machine is all-original except for the back door that is a replacement and the new reel strips. It also has a new lock and rubber feet. This is a popular old gambling machine and a great piece of gambling history! 13" X 9" X 10" Weight is about 17lbs

I have 2 different sets of 3 piece Wurlitzer slot machine face glass that are new. Great for man cave display or as replacement glass. $ 125 per set. I would prefer pickup vs shipping (buyer pays).

Over The Top Coin Drop game by Boyce Coin Machine Amusement. Overall condition: Good Includes key Box is 20 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 2 1/4" Note: I'm not a collector. Just looking for an interested buyer.

Dirt, dust and lint are big enemies of your valuable slot machines. Protect them with a custom made cover. Hand made by a professional seamstress to your dimensions. Prices vary starting at $40.00

1 Cent 4-Column Cylinder Mint Chocolate Candy Vending Machine Decals Lock & Key. To find one in this condition is almost unheard of especially with original glass tubes. Complete Original. $1250

The largest selection of Slot Machine Reel Strips, Award Cards, Decals, Mint Wrappers and other paper items for your mechanical slot machine. Professionally printed, no photo-copies, the best source for the last 5 decades! Download our catalog HERE:

Selling my Early Mills Novelty Yale key collection. If you a specific number or want to add to your collection send me a text - 7138196125. $10.00 each.

Gem Mills Novelty Imperial Shocker. Works great and features "take a trip around the world" sign and dial graphics that feature world cities. More pics and video available. John

A homeowner in Napa Calif has a CD Bubbler jukebox in good condition, It probablu needs some maintenance but the price is great - $2000. with original paperwork, schematics, and service catalogs.

Bally Reliance 25 cent 2/8 payout. Mech restored by 2 bit restorations. This is an outstanding machine with a high quality restoration.

Very unique and eye-catching pay telephone booth, made by Benner-Nawman. The body of the egg is porcelain and there are some chips in the porcelain. Comes with the pay phone $1850

Very Rare, The balls come out of a chute at the bottom right and are flipped by the lever. Excellent original condition, 17"w x 5"d x 13"h, fully operational, with lock and key.

After developing and selling jukebox parts for over 40 years, I have decided it is time to pass on the business to a new owner. It has been one amazing career developing and selling parts to so many great customers like you. I have had the privilege of meeting people from around the world and stocking over 4500 different reproduction and NOS parts. Since I started the parts business at age 24, it has been my life and passion. My dream is to find someone who shares that same passion to keep the business going and the hobby supplied with parts. We have 3 full time and two part time employees including myself, working out of a 9600 sq.ft. building. We have a very large inventory of reproduction, NOS, used parts and jukeboxes. Thank You, Steve Loots, Victory Glass. If you have an interest, please email me at or call 515-987-5765 Ext 201.

Manufactured in the 1990s, by Whistling Oyster, a famous Hollywood neon manufacturer Features a beautifull hand painted face Great condition, works great, hard to find Price: $1695

Fey Dice Trade Stimulator, all original, fully working, with lock & key. $2750. Go to web site.

I have original nos. reel strips for a jennings. the ones with no's and say scratch on them call bud gott if you want.

25 hole bingo in working order on s scale of one to ten it’s a 6 as far as cosmetics. If your interested please contact with offer

For sale- 1952 Seeburg Model 100 C , select-o-matic mechanism, 100 selections, older restoration, mechanism recently serviced (11/2019). Great sound ! Asking $3,500.

For sale – 1941 Wurlitzer Peacock Model 850. It is an older restoration in beautiful condition. Recent rebuild on the mechanism (11/2019), operates on coin and sounds wonderful. Asking $18,000.

$8,900 OBO I believe it came from the Long Beach Pier- (626)848-9979

1935 mills jackpot front vender (mint) 5 cent....$2000 fop aurburn,wash.

Paces Races Red Arrow 5cent. Original finish on cabinet, original play field, all doors, panels, locks. Mech disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. For more info 818-631-6905, $16K

Beautiful vintage Coke machine still runs great! Holds 81 bottles and works with dimes. Matching trash can also available. Located in the SF Bay Area. $5,000. Buyer responsible for transporting.


Need the jackpot door on the front, Z shaped casting with or without lock.

Need ID badge Label for front of Hart gum ball machine (pictured)

need 3/8" plastic pellets for Silver King gumball gambling machine. SLOT machine symbols needed.(NOT poker hand symbols)

I'm working on a long neglected Harvard Metal Typer that is missing parts. One item missing is the token tube and its base as shown in this photo of a nice original.

This may be a long shot but I'm looking for a Mills Extraordinary back bonnet. The picture I've provided is from a Page Boy but looks very similar. There are very slight size differences. Thanks!

Recently acquired Mills 1c slot, but it didn't come with a key. I don't think it's an original Mills lock. Looking for suggestions to open, and someone to replace lock. Thank you!

Wanted any mechanical coin op, Slots, trade stimulators, gum and vending machines etc. Paying cash 24/7 617-513-5644

Hi, Am looking for the lid and hold down ring for a Asco hot nut machine. Thanks, Jim

I am looking for someone to work on my Wurlitzer 1050 near Woodstock, Georgia. Thanks, Barbara phone678-549-4051

Wanted- Repair guide for IMP with exploded view of machine internals. Also contact info for a good source for parts.Mech works but reels don't spin.?

Anybody know of replacement mirror / glass for a Lawrence Silver Queen? Mine didn't survive the Post Office.

Need a blue porcelain NW 33 Peanut lid

I have this slot machine and need someone in my area to look at it. I believe the issue may be with the coin recognition. Can someone lead me to someone who works on these slots in Missouri. Thanks Rich

Wanted:Paper insert for Exhibit card vendor Model D that states MEN over one coin slide and WOMEN over the other coin slide.A copy is also acceptable.Thanks

Looking for 2 master penny sand cast mechs ( with handles) On the back they will have 3 or 4 dots . Not a star. Thank you

looking for a Mills Jackpot with reserve

Any (working) attractive CD Jukeboxes that exist. Preferably one with a flat tabletop surface like many 60s-70s vinyl 45 jukes. But anything that's not hideous will get my attention!

Working Seeburg USC2 or similar.

Looking to purchase early pre pro award cards.Need a Caille Puritan and others.Buying "wooden era" pre 1910 slots and trade stimulators.Clawson, Cowper,Maley,Western Weighing, Drobisch,Canda,Nafew etc

Looking to purchase 1890-1910 trade catalogs for coin op and saloon supply etc. Original or reprint.Looking for Leo Canda, Cowper, Ogden, Griswold, Clawson, Maley, Schall etc.

The handle starting lever on my Rockola Hold & Draw trade stimulator broke. It appears to be pot metal and JB Weld doesn't stick to it. Any suggestions or a source for a replacement?

Do you know where I can get an ACE MC 103 for my candy machine? Thanks, Ed