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For Sale

Orignal 1015, converted to play 45 rpm records. Asking $4995. See: and go to Jukebox section

1940s Wurlitzer 1015 converted to play 45 rpm, with good records. Asking -$4995. Works great just needs a needle and one fluorescent light for right side other than that it's good. 202-213-1585

Free standing coin op baby changing station. Diaper vending machine. Quarter slide mechanism. Excellent Condition. No key. $best Offer or trade me

Comstock THE PERFECTION Circa 1897 cigar store 5 cent coin drop trade stimulator. All original and complete. Interesting pin field. $995.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. 262-203-0036

1908 CHICAGO Peanut Machine. One of the nicest, all original, CHICAGO machines ever found. Original nickle plating. Beautiful machine, works properly. $6750.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland. 262-203-0036

BEECH-NUT GUM. Restored. Like all Beech-Nut cases, no mechanism. All mechs were destroyed when company was sold. Only a few cases survived. Hard to find. $1195.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. 262-203-0036

Decatur FAIREST WHEEL. All original "Small Wheel" with gooseneck coin entry. Original cigar ad still on glass. Hard to find this nice. 262-203-0036 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. $1495

SCOOPY Gum Vendor. Complete and working. Similar to the Baker Boy but from the 1950's. Restored and nice. $2795.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. 262-203-0036

Circa 1894 US Novelty JOKER. Like the ECLIPSE except shows a deck of cards in place of numbers. Clockwork mechanism. Complete and working. All original. Rare. $2795.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. 262-203-0036

Red wrinkle paint with Woody Woodpecker. Restored. Complete and correct. $1095.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. 262-203-0036

Waddell THE BICYCLE WHEEL. A beautiful example of an 1896 cigar store trade stimulator. It is complete but it does not work. Wheel kick off needs to be redone. If working $6500. Not working price $4695.00 Free delivery to Chicagoland show. 262-203-0036

Selling my collection of coins machines. Have a total of 60+ machines for sale.

I need a little help here, I can pick several different locks but standard picks don't do a lot of good in trying to pick a Mills lock. So I am asking everyone, have you any ideas on making a pick?

Two slot machines for sale. A .10 cent and a .5 cent from the same manufacturer. The .10 cent is in great shape, while the .5 cent is missing the back. Contact me and I'll send photos. Best offer.

You are bidding on a super rare HC Evans "Electro Money Drawer" from the mid 1930s. The drawer is filled with dry cell batteries that activate a very strong magnet that can be located inside the drawer. The magnet is activated by pushing in the drawer. These cheating devices were used in the dice games of Hazard, Klondike and Chuck a Luck where dice with metal infused centers were used. There is no key for the lock that is still with the drawer. Very, very rare!! The main picture is from a mid 1930s HC Evans catelogue of professionally made cheating equipment. Good luck!!

Up for sale is a very, very rare HC Evans Bee Hive carnival gambling game. This game is GAFFED (rigged to cheat players) from the Evans Factory!! These games came in both square and gaffed variations. There is a rod in the very edge (please see pictures) that is somehow pulled by the operator shutting off certain numbered slots blocking the ball from entering it. It's very old and as you can see it comes in its own carrying case. The top is flipped over and set in the case to play the game. The case is very solid but one side has seen better days with the peeling of its "leatherette" covering. The "Bee Hive" top comes off and has a neat storage peg inside the case. There is some plating loss and some slight surface rust on the "Bee Hive" top, the base is made of aluminum and has all of its handpainted numbers clearly visible and intact. It's very heavy and will require a large box. It's 24" wide by 24" long, 6" high closed and 15" high with the top all set up to play, so shipping will be on the high side. I will refund anything over the original estimate. I will ship FedEx Ground. This will make your collection of gaming items

Original lightly worn “V” nickels, just the way they would have looked in the early 1890s. Perfect for display with early coin-op phonographs. Make your display 100% authentic! $15 each or 10 / $125

Mills Slot machine door. Lock is there, but I do not have the key. More pictures available. $150.

1956 Tusko the Elephant Kiddie Ride, fully restored, beautiful condition, works well. $2500 USD plus shipping. Contact for photos, details.

The only known complete golf ball slot machine collection in the world.

Barn find, no handle $4,800 Wayne Alexander 419 475- 3764 Toledo OH

Selling gem restored Caille 5c Nude Front Victory Center Pull Slot machine. Complete with Defer pay system. Cab, mech, back door all stamped with Serial Number. Orig Reel strips. John 408-337-6390

Koch Barber Pole Standup Model 910 over 100 years old. Pole has been repaired,was vandalized 35 years ago. Is in very good condition now. wind up motor was replaced with elec. Asking $3500.00

Teacher Pet Pinball Machine $800 + shipping Also selling Cross Town Pinball machine Teacher's Pet is a pinball machine from December 1965, manufactured by Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Great Department Store Register in excellent condition. Asking $550. and will deliver free to the July COCA National in Independence, Ohio. Call or text Larry at 740-502-2001


Wanted Rock-Ola RS3200 speaker in good condition for my house . Thanks Steve

Hi! Searching for a Rockola 456 console jukebox to replace one destroyed in Hurricane Harvey. Please contact me if you know where I can find one. Thanks!

WANTED: Rear panel for an Advance vendor.

WANTED: Columbus M 5A Green coin plate.

I need a little help here, I can pick several different locks but standard picks don't do a lot of good in trying to pick a Mills lock. So I am asking everyone, have you any ideas on making a pick?

Wanted: QT reel set---fruit symbols or bare. Or...just reel #1. (No center rod needed) Please send price + shipping $ via email or text. Thanks! Robert

Hi...looking to buy the Reel Strips for a Pierce Hit Me Trade Stimulator...Originals or Rob 585-683-6612

wanted info on this 10 cent I think apple vending machine, thankyou

Hi there...Iam searching for an original ''POISON THIS RAT'' machine, to purchase, and to be sent to New Zealand or could possibly look at having game picked up by freight Co. Kind regards

Just starting collection, looking for reasonably priced: 1)Old Mill Wind Mill gumball, 2)Little Duke, 3)Watling slots, 4)Mint/FOK slots, 5)Caille gum ball vendor, 6)Mills Wizard Fortune Teller

J. D. Whitlock horse racing game. Any condition.

I don't know what it's called, it fits on the back side of the coin entry for a little DUKE 1 cent Slot. It holds the coin in place to drop in to slot. Any help Thank You Ed

Anyone ever make a back door for one of these? If so, I am looking for a back door. Thanks.

Need a wood base for a 1-cent small coin head Little Duke (front area needed so one with a damaged back is OK). Also need the award flap for a QT Smoker---cigarette pack style. Robert 6056951274

I'm looking for the background mural (paper) for a Rockola Sweepstakes Horse Race Trade Stimulator. Reproduction or original.

In need of service maunual for the 1980's "Robbie the Robot" Cotton Candy Vending Machine

looking for operators tools set for making adjustments on slot machines. As an example, attached a photo of a mills operator tool set. I live in London, UK but can provide US address for shipping.

Hi All, I'm looking for a 10 Cent Coin Entry Plate for a Jennings Galaxy Slot Machine in the same style as the one in the picture. The plate should be 2 and 1/8" wide by 1 and 3/4" long. Thanks!!!

I need a "playing manual" for an EVANS RACES machine (preferably the version with Free Pay buttons, but I'll take a copy of any version). I DO NOT need a copy of the SERVICE MANUAL AND PARTS CATALOG.

Wanted: mills q.t chevron 5 cent pay slides/ handle with hub.

Looking for a Madame Zita Fortune machine. Repro is ok. Don Teach three one eight five one eight five eight zero five is my cell number.

We are new owners of a 1941 Wurlitzer jukebox, Model 780.  We saw it operate in the antique store where we bought it, but do not know how to operate it.  We are hesitant to start messing around with it for fear that we will do something to break it!  We need someone to come out and show us how to use this wonderful thing and are willing to pay for this service. 

Looking for a Pulver Gum machine to start a collection Please e mail or call Thanks Steve