Making a Summer Day special, on August 6th, 2023, John and Linda Fifer hosted a regional COCA gathering at their home in Medina, Ohio. More than 40 coin-op enthusiasts were in attendance. The Fifers have a fine collection of machines and other collectables. As an added bonus, their son Brian and his wife Melissa also opened their nearby home to view their extensive collection. Several of the guests brought machines for sale. There was plenty to eat and drink for everyone, including some yummy coin-op themed cookie desserts. Many thanks to John, Linda, Brian, and Melissa.

It has become difficult to find venues for COCA National Conventions. We have visited most of the large cities that have numerous collections to visit. Regional get togethers like the Fifers held can help to fill this gap. Many of you have Face-Book coin-op friends, but there is nothing better than meeting face to face with other collectors. Technology has taken away many of the opportunities we have to visit one and other in person. We should all try to encourage these local get-togethers on a regular basis. Our COCA club can promote these events through our website and email blasts. Please use the COCA website contact form for more information. Where will our next gathering occur, how about at your house?