John Papa presents new video on Original, Fake, and Reproduction Coin-op Machines

Both old and new coin-op collectors have often encountered a machine and wondered whether it is the genuine article.  Is it old or did someone just make it look that way?  What clues should we look for in our examinations?  

{image_1}The 2013 spring Chicagoland COCA meeting featured a presentation by John Papa on “Originals, Reproductions and Fakes.  How can we tell and why we care.”  John Papa is the owner of National Jukebox Exchange of Mayfield, New York and is an expert in vintage jukeboxes and penny arcade games.

“We have all been puzzled at times trying to determine if something is original or reproduction.  I hope to provide the tips needed to sort it out” Papa noted. “There is a whole spectrum of conditions that need to be considered.”

John has recreated his informative presentation on a YouTube video.  In it he graciously shares many tips based on his many years of collecting knowledge.  He is a COCA member and has been a strong supporter of COCA. since its inception.