At the November 2021 COCA meeting Keith Morris was inducted into the COCA Hall Of Fame. His hard work and dedication to our hobby and to the COCA club make him a very well deserved recipient of this prestigious award for 2021.


Keith has served as COCA Treasurer for the last 10 years. This job requires many man hours of accounting work for collecting dues, updating contact information, printing mailing labels for our COCA Times Magazine. This unpaid job requires regular daily attention.  And Keith will continue to be our Treasurer for at least the next 2 years.


He has been a vital part of the COCA Convention organization and execution committees for past 10 years. Keith has served as registration chairman for all of our recent conventions and for other events like trips to Jaspers.


Keith has also been a source of knowledge and advice to many of our members for the repair and restoration of numerous machines including pinball, horse race and many, many others. He has worked on numerous machines for other COCA members.


Keith has also produced several informative videos and posted them online so that others can share in his knowledge


Keith was a tour host for our convention in 2010 and has hosted several North Carolina local gatherings and will be a tour host and registration chairman for our next convention.